Caulfield Cup

Of all the horse races in Australia - and there are loads of them - the Caulfield Cup is definitely a favourite. It falls into the category of a Group One race for thoroughbreds, as determined by the Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) and, so far, has been held under handicap conditions.

But that is about to change. The Melbourne Racing Club had decided to change the conditions to weight for age (WFA) for horses of three years of age or more, over a distance of 2,400 metres (or 1.5 miles). This change is currently in process.

To see the Caulfield Cup, you need to get to the Caulfield Racecourse, which you’ll find in Melbourne, Australia. This course is only eight kilometres from the city centre, in the southeastern suburbs. You’ll hear locals call it by its nickname, “The Heath”.

The Caulfield Cup is held in the middle of October annually. In fact, it forms the third - and final - day of the famous Spring Carnival, run by Melbourne Racing Club. The race is one of the wealthiest thoroughbred horse races in Australia, putting 3 million dollars worth of prize money in the ring. On top of that, you won’t find a richer race of its type and length (i.e. a 2,400-metre handicap race) anywhere else on Earth.

The prize money isn’t the only reason why so many jockeys and trainers want to perform well in the Caulfield Cup. It’s also that doing well in the race is one of way of getting into the Melbourne Cup. Held 16 days after the Caulfield Cup - on the first Tuesday in November at 3pm - the Melbourne Cup is the richest handicap horse race on the planet. $6.2 million in prize money is up for grabs in 2017.

The Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne Cup are both handicap races. Consequently, horses can only run if they meet the set conditions, which is that each runner must carry a set amount of weight. This amount varies from horse to horse and is influenced by a range of issues, such as recent wins and accrued prize money. Another thing to be aware of is that the there’s a limit to the Caulfield Cup field: 18 starters and four emergency starters.

Are you looking for hot Caulfield Cup tips? If you have studied the Caulfield Cup form guide in the past, you might have worked out some factors that influence Caulfield Cup tips. Either way, here are some to keep in mind.

To begin, one of the main influences on whether or not a horse features among Caulfield Cup tips is its performance in lead-up races. Following that, the state of the track is a major factor. October is in the Australian spring, so the weather can vary - from hot, clear-skied days to deluges. Most horses prefer particular types of tracks to others. If, for example, the track is rated 3 (Good), a horse that has never run first on a dry track before is unlikely to succeed, and, therefore, probably won’t appear among Caulfield Cup tips.

Another factor that can shape Caulfield Cup tips is the barrier draw. Where a horse is placed can influence its performance, depending, of course, on the horse’s running style.

Caulfield Cup Field and Odds

There are strict rules governing the size and quality of the Caulfield Cup field. The maximum number of runners permitted is 18, in addition to four emergency horses.

To make the selection process as fair as possible, the runners are decided by ballot system. However, not all horses can expect to qualify. An assortment of factors determines which do and three of the main ones are prize money, previous wins and performance in lead-up races. There’s also a few automatic entrants, including winners of the Group Two Herbert Power Stakes and winners of the Listed Mornington Cup.

The system helps to create a level playing field because it allows horses that haven’t performed as well as others to have a go at winning. Also, age is a factor because a horse cannot run in the Caulfield Cup final unless it is three years of age or older.

On top of considering the influence of a horse’s performance history, you should also keep a close eye on the Caulfield Cup barrier draw. It can have a big impact on whether or not a horse can win or not. In fact, there’s many a trainer or jockey who would say that a barrier draw - lucky or unlucky - made or destroyed their careers. Every year, the moment in which the Caulfield Cup officials conduct and announce the barrier draw is one of the most exciting in the Australian racing season. If you happen to be among trainers, jockeys or punters at that moment, you will notice them waiting with baited breath, especially if they are directly involved in the race.

The Caulfield Cup barrier draw is a big deal for a number of reasons. It is not because there is a magical golden barrier that guarantees a win. Take a look at the Caulfield Cup’s history and you will soon see that success is spread across the barriers. That said, there is a barrier that no one wants and that is barrier one. Over the past 30 years, not a single horse that has started in this barrier has won.

When it comes to Caulfield Cup odds, you have to wait until a few days before the race to get your hands on the final ones. In the meantime, though, you can look at future odds, which are often quite lucrative and are made available months in advance.

Caulfield Cup odds are updated whenever there is a new round of nominations or acceptances. These odds are influenced by whether or not a horse is likely to get into the Caulfield Cup field, as well as predictions concerning its performance.

If you are keen to get ahead with Caulfield Cup tips, keep an eye on lead-up races. Important events include the Metropolitan, the Spring Champion Stakes, the Yalumba Stakes, the Craven Plate, and the Cranbourne Cup.

2017 Caulfield Cup Form Guide

1. Faatinah (1)
J Bowman
D & B Hayes & T Dabernig
2. Missrock (8)
M Zahra
R E Laing
3. Karacatis (9)
N Callow
R R Jolly
4. Crystal Dreamer (2)
Damian Lane
M Ellerton & S Zahra
5. Badajoz (4)
K Mc Evoy
James Cummings
6. Ocean Embers (5)
Ms N Beriman
Shea Eden
7. Sweet Sherry (6)
J Moreira
Brent Stanley
8. Snitty Kitty (7)
Beau Mertens
Henry Dwyer
9. Super Too (3)
Ms W Costin
M C Conners
10. Property (4)
Craig Williams
R W Smerdon